Buffalo + Rochester Indie Weddings: May 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

The finishing touches: Veils

What started centuries ago as a sort of shield to ward off evil spirits, the veil is a beautiful and classic way to complete a brides ensemble. Even after the wedding dress is on and fits perfectly, there's just something that happens when the bride puts that comb into her hair. Even in fittings with my brides that are over a span of weeks, it isn't until the delicate netting is draping over her shoulders that it becomes a reality. Then we all start to tear up! Yes... it still happens to me!

Whether subtle or bold, short or long - there is a method to choosing the best veil for your dress.

Short Length Veils: Birdcage/Blusher/Fly Away
Anything above the shoulder I consider a short length veil. These types of veils are pretty modern and need to be paired with a really simple dress. For the brunch wedding where the bride is dolled up in a vintage frock or a city roof-top wedding with a fabulous fitted cocktail dress, a veil that barely touches the shoulders is a really modern way to add some romance to the look!
PS - a "blusher" can be added to any length veil. Typically it's just at your shoulders, but you can opt for a "blusher layer" that's just a touch shorter than your veil too.  




Mid-Length Veils: Elbow/Fingertip
This is by far the most classic length amongst veils, probably because it's the most versatile. This length is great for the girl who doesn't particularly feel one way or another about a hair piece, but wants the traditional look. Mid-length veils work with a variety of silhouettes: full, straight, a-line, tea-length, or trumpeted. This length is also perfect for trimming! Whether you chose a delicate hand rolled edge, a subtly shiny beaded trim or a lace trim - this is the length to do it!


(anatomy double layer fingertip veil; hand rolled edge)

Long Length Veils: Waltz/Ballet/Chapel/Cathedral
Personally, I find the waltz/ballet length to work best with dresses that are modern in silhouette with a puddle train. It ends right at the ankles, by the break of the train so a dress with a modest train, or no train at all is best. And in regards to chapel and cathedral length trains with an unfinished edge, which average 90"-120" in length go for a dress that is slimming in silhouette, simple and airy. 





 Novelty Veil: Embellished/Mantilla
At any length, veils can be embellished. You can add shine with a lightweight beaded trim, lace or a piping. Mantilla veils sit atop your head and are trimmed in lace which drapes beautifully along the face and arms. Follow the same tips listed above for which length to choose with which silhouette, but when it comes to the dramatic 10'  long train why not make a statement?!   



If you're looking for the perfect accompaniment to your wedding dress come into anatomy for a consultation!

Monday, May 19, 2014

BBP Vendor Spotlight: Ayres Photography

When considering capturing all of the moments at your wedding, there are dozens of photographers to choose from in Buffalo. All of them have their own distinctive style and point of view. Photography is, after all and art form!
Maybe it's the genuine spark that exists between husband and wife team Ben and Jenn Ayres that makes them stand out. Or perhaps it's their fresh and fun marketing and branding on their website. It could also be the way they are able to cleanly and stunningly capture moments of your life with a brightness and life to them that lifts your mood! We loved having these guys in our February show and their creative display of chalk drawn frames sealed the deal! We love them!

"We strive to create beautiful, timeless portraits with a natural and relaxed vibe. Our philosophy is to be neither seen nor heard as much as possible on a wedding day, so that we can capture all that unfolds from the perspective of the couple, their families, and friends. We really take the time to get to know our couples, and invest a great deal of ourselves into making sure they have the best experience possible. We are passionate about what we do, and feel that our photos reflect that." - Jenn Ayres


I know, right?!

"We try to make [our couples] experience with us a very personal one. From sending them gifts throughout the year leading up to their wedding, to working very closely with them on scheduling, to helping with the coordination and styling of their engagement session - we really go above and beyond to make our clients happy."

That looks like a happy couple! 

Ayres Photography: Facebook - Website 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Social Media Workshop Success!

We had a blast tonight at our "Like It, Tweet It, Pin It" wedding vendor workshop at 31 Club! We learned so many great tips from our hosts, Katie Krawcyzk & Amber Rampino, of 19 Ideas marketing & communications agency. Thank you to everyone who came & participated! Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page for future vendor workshops & events (we have some great stuff in the works)! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

BBP Member Spotlight: Fern Croft Floral

As a full service floral design studio and invitation design studio, Fern Croft's attention to detail and a commitment to infusing nature into their carefully crafted designs are what sets them apart from the rest.

Owner and designer Erin Bauer says, "Brides can expect excellent communication and thoughtful attention to their vision to create florals & stationery that will complete the event and leave a lasting impression for years to come."

Why have floral arrangements that fade into the decor? They should truly be the centerpiece as an artwork! The effortlessly beautiful & organic nature of Erin's arrangements are enough to make them stand out amongst the rest, but her lovely, demure personality is a joy to work with. 

You will be able to visit Fern Croft inside the brand new Boutique Bridal Party's Co-Op space inside the Hotel at the Lafayette starting May 1st! View more photos on Facebook and her website, and e-mail her to set up a consultation!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Time to Celebrate MAMA!

Mothers are there for everything. They are a constant source of love, support and encouragement. Here's to all of the mama's out there who never stop being rock stars!!

Mamas helping with the primping… They always do know best! 
One more sweet moment together before she walks down the aisle...
Celebrating her officially becoming your "Mom" :) 
Sharing a dance with the first lady you ever loved :) 
And making the entire room tear up when you dance with Mom in remembrance of Dad...

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mama's in Buffalo from the creators of the BBP, Ali and Erica with our little babes!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Have a Fabulous First Look!

It's not a new concept, that's for sure, but some people still find the idea of a "first look" a bit confusing. So what is it!? A first look is beautiful, planned moment for you to see your soon-to-be-spouse for the first time on your wedding day. First looks are perfect for modern couples, as they tend to break tradition, happening before your ceremony. 

We love the concept of a first look for a few reasons:

1) It's a beautiful moment, times two!
They allow you to have to another special moment on your big day, seeing your partner before the rest of your guests do, and then getting to relive that moment again in front of everyone at your ceremony.
2) First looks offer unique photo ops! You get to plan out where your first look happens, meaning you get to chose any backdrop you'd like. This is a big moment, so it's great to do a first look if your church has constraints as to where your photographers can stand, or you don't necessary like the look of your ceremony location.

3) First looks give you & your photographer time to rock your wedding photos! First looks are ideal for couples who are having evening ceremonies, where there won't be any light left for photos afterwards, or couples who will be on a time-crunch between the ceremony & reception, leaving little time for photos. You can start your first look & wedding photos earlier in the day & get everything you're looking for!
4) Most importantly, they let you keep the party moving!
By seeing each other before your ceremony, you can do all of your photos beforehand, and head right to cocktail hour after. You get gorgeous wedding photos, and you get to mix & mingle with all of your guests while your bridal party gets to hit the open bar :) Win-win-win!

Interested in doing a First Look!? Check out some of our favorite ideas below! Find the right set-up for you & your love :) 

Not ready for a full First Look? How about sharing letters & a sweet touch before the ceremony?
Dianne Personett Photography

Cover his eyes for a surprise!
Taylored Photo Memories

Or keep it classic with a tap on the shoulder!
BLR Life Photography

Find a corner or elevator for a Peekaboo!
Ashley Victoria Photography

Hold each other, count to three & turn around to see your spouse!

Love this idea too! We can just feel the anticipation!
George Street Photo

Blindfold the Groom!
Tracy Hill Photography

And our personal favorite, the balloon release! What a gorgeous, magical moment, captured forever!
Michael Segal Photography