Buffalo + Rochester Indie Weddings: January 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Handmade Happiness : Creative Ways to Showcase Your Photos!

You've spent the time finding the perfect photographer for you, and you've spent the money to get your dream photos, so now what?! Of course, you'll get a gorgeous, professionally designed album, and hopefully some lovely framed images for your home, but what about all those other fun photos you want to show off? In case you missed the display at our recent Crafts & Cocktails event, here are some great ideas for the crafty bride to try! Presented by City Lights Studio Photography

Easy Photo-to-Tape Transfer


SUPPLIES NEEDED : Laser printer, Copy paper, Clear packing tape, Bowl of water, Glue or Mod Podge, Gift tags/bookmarks/journals/etc 

Print out any image onto regular copy paper with a laser printer (please note, this will not work with inkjet printer or photo paper!) It's helpful to use a photo size equal to the width of your tape. Stick your tape down, right over the top side of the copy. Smooth it out, removing all air bubbles. Submerge paper with tape into a bowl of water, and begin rubbing the paper off the back with the pad of your finger. Eventually, you will be left with a piece of tape, with the image transferred over, and all paper dissolved! Dry with a paper towel, and glue onto whatever surface you'd like (in the photo above, we used gift tags & bookmarks!) Have fun!

Canvas Transfer

SUPPLIES NEEDED : Canvas, Laser printer, Copy paper, Gel medium (like Liquitex), Water

Print out any image onto regular copy paper, sized to fit your canvas (keep in mind, this image will be reversed on the canvas, so you'll need to flip horizontally in a photo editing program prior to printing.) Paint a layer of gel medium across your canvas, and press your copy paper face-down while still wet. Allow to completely dry, at least a few hours, preferably overnight. Once dry, spray water on top of the paper, and begin to slowly rub off using the pads of your fingers (do not use sponges or anything rough, otherwise you'll scratch the image off). Once you have all the paper off, allow to dry & finish by applying another layer of gel medium on top to seal the image in. Hang & enjoy!

Photo Tree

SUPPLIES NEEDED :  Photographic prints, Ribbon, Tape, Branch, Jar/vase

Cut your photos to size (these are cut to 4x4" squares), tape two ends of ribbon to back to create loops, and hang! Super quick & easy way to showcase your photos around your reception. Great for displaying engagement photos or childhood images.

Mason Jar Photo Collection

SUPPLIES NEEDED :  Photographic prints, Mason/glass jars

Truly the easiest of them all! Simply cut your photos to fit within the height of the jars you've selected and drop in. This is a low-cost, unique way to showcase your photos and perfect for a rustic shower or wedding! Add battery-powered lights or LED candles behind to give the images a lovely glow!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bridal Inspirations: Dainties and Unmentionables; Intimate Details for the Brides

No matter what "style" bride you are, the one thing that is true for all brides is the desire to feel their most beautiful on their wedding day. Once you have the dress, the accessories, hair and make up decided upon you can start shopping for the lovely under-things that will keep you eagerly excited for the post-celebration events! *wink wink*
Custom Bridal Panties, Bachelorette Wedding Shower Bridal Lingerie, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party Bride Lace Knickers, Cotton Hipster
Mrs. So&So embellished briefs are a cute and sassy surprise.

Soft and breezy ruffled boy shorts are sweet and playful!
Lace Bra- Bralette and underbust corset set - Wedding- Bridal Lingerie- Brassiere- Made to Measure
For those brides who appreciate the old world style of beauty, invest in a hand made sculpted body cinching corset
romper love
 Rompers aren't just for little girls anymore! They are cheeky and sexy!
Heirloom Wedding Garter Set   - Isla Silver Edge (Made to Order)
These beautiful embellished and lacey garters are almost too beautiful to keep hidden under a dress!
1920s / 1930s Lingerie  Pink Bralette and Tap Shorts / Panties  SET Size M
Be charming and girly in a vintage bralette & high waisted tap pant set! 
Myla Eustasia Non Padded Balcony Bra
Lace is always a staple in the boudoir for it's delicate, suggestive and feminine nature especially in a saucy black bra!

Antique Lingerie Belle Epoque Art Nouveau Flapper Romper Upcycled 1930  "Bellasoiree Original"
Feel sexy and elegant in a really unique vintage chemise that is totally one-of-a-kind!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: CJ Sound

Music is undoubtedly one of the most important elements to a party, and when you've got over 100 of your closest friends and family in one huge room you know you need to keep them dancing!

CJ Sound has been in business for 33 years and counting and have serviced over 25,000 weddings. Yes... that's right. 25,000. So these guys know a thing or two about how to get the party started!

You can choose your own sound package and customize it to fit your wedding day. They also offer lighting and photo booth services!  You get the photo strips printed that night!

 Much more than the standard lighting set up in most venues, CJ Sound can create any mood you're looking to set for your guests! All of the little details should shine their best under the right lighting! 

That looks like a satisfied bride in the back!  (We had to share !)

CJ Sound

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bridal Inspirations: Lights and To Shine & Gaze Upon

Stars are so mystical and lovely when you look up to gaze upon them. Recreate that magical feeling by incorporating dangling lights and shapes above your guests!


Dainty stars and orbs reflect the light from below, while jars with tea lights ad rustic charm.


Entwine bulbs and branches for a truly outdoorsy whimsy.
hanging lights
If you have the height dangle strings of lights with vines for a dramatic effect.

Hanging Lanterns

Reception Barn //  Photo: Braedon Flynn Photography // Feature: The Knot  

Abstract and geometric glass lanterns are clean and dramatic... 


... while colorful paper lanterns are bold and bright!
Hanging lantern chandeliers 

Vendor Spotlight : Meet the Wedding Artisans of Our Upcoming Crafts & Cocktails Party!


We're so excited about our fabulous Crafts & Cocktails event coming up this Wednesday! With a beautiful venue, divine food, unique signature cocktails, and multiple stations full of DIY fun with some of Buffalo's best wedding artisans, this event combines so many of our favorite things! We still have a few tickets left, and they are only $15 online! Here's a sneak peek of what to expect :


1. The Mansion on Delaware : Our Stunning Venue!


We picked this extraordinary venue for our event based on a few things! We simply adore the city location, the historic building, their incredible attention to detail when it comes to event planning, their perfectionist attitude towards food & beverages, and their wonderful atmosphere, full of fireplaces and lush decor, perfect for a winter event!

"Exceptional engagement parties, reflective rehearsal dinners, extra ordinary wedding receptions and guestrooms that will bring both families together. The pinnacle of Hotel weddings is the Whole Hotel Wedding; The Mansion on Delaware Avenue is unique among wedding venues in Buffalo because your wedding is the only event of the day. "


2) Anchored by Design : Branded Wedding Details! 


Meet Anchored by Design owner, Jodi Soper & learn how to creatively brand your wedding by handcrafting a custom stamp! Discover unique ways to show this off throughout your big day!

"Specializing in logo identity, branding, and packaging, she focuses on design solutions that are unique, intriguing, and eye catching to the clients needs. Jodi has a passion for creating work that speaks for itself."

3. William's Florist & Gift House: Place Card Holders


Meet Alicia Graser of William's Florist, while learning how to create gorgeous floral place card holders!

"William's Florist & Gift House is a family owned and operated flower shop with expertise in custom floral designs for almost 40 years.  The store was opened in 1972 by William Graser (The King of the Florists).  William's passion for his trade made him very popular with our local community. Sandra Graser, his wife, and their daugher Alicia continue his legacy of flowers and design with the support of a wonderful team of designers and friendly delivery staff."

4. Fairy Cakes Cupcakery LLC: Personalized Cupcake Decorations


Meet the wonderful women behind Fairy Cakes as you dive into these delectable treats & learn how to create custom cupcakes! 

"We are located directly across from The Zoo in beautiful Buffalo, New York. Our shop features a cupcake bar, a lounge with fireplace, and a cafe. All of our cupcakes are made from scratch using premium ingredients. And Fairy Cakes offers more than just cupcakes. Stop in to see what sweets we have cooked up using the finest seasonal ingredients!"

5. Elizabeth Dugan Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Braid Bar and Make-Up Tips


Learn beauty tips from one of Buffalo's best! Meet Elizabeth Dugan and see how to custom create gorgeous braids for your big day! 

"Lizzy Dugan has been a Hair and Makeup Artist since 1999 working in all aspects of  the beauty industry.Having been trained  in New York City , Toronto, and Buffalo she works both in the salon and as a Freelance Artist. Lizzy specializes in hair and makeup styling, bridal parties, commercial styling, fashion photography , editorial and runway work. An abundance of her work has been featured and published in both local and international print. She also plays a key role as a Makeup Artist for Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week along with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC."


6. rust belt love : Personalized Wedding Favors

Meet Alyson MacVattie of rust belt love and be inspired as you learn new ways to create personalized wedding favors! 

"We feel so lucky to do what we do, and that joy transfers through to our work. It’s why our reviews are so glowing, we love what we do, we love our customers, we love Western New York! Like so many of our favorite local businesses, ours is truly a family business. We’ve taken both of our strengths, Alyson’s in design and Nick’s in logistics, and created a team that combines the most important aspects of planning an event; aesthetics with effective person and time management. The bottom line is we absolutely love what we do!"


7. Fern Croft Floral: DIY Boutonnieres 


Create beautiful boutonnieres with Erin Bauer of Fern Croft Floral, specializing in unique, earthy designs!

"Erin Bauer spent her childhood summers cultivating her mother’s wild and unkempt garden. These years, spent planting and learning about flowers, she developed a deep respect and passion towards nature. Erin had aspired to become a fine artist and after graduating from the Art Institute of Boston, she moved back to her hometown of Buffalo, New York. Within a few years, she bought a small home in the agricultural area of Eden and began constructing her own garden. She spent hours planning and working to help balance the disconnection she was feeling from her time spent working as a graphic designer.  In a moment of reflection and self-discovery, she took a leap of faith and decided her time would be better spent working in the botanic arts."


8. City Lights Studio Photography: Wedding Photo Crafts


Meet City Lights Studio owner, Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauer, and see creative ways to showcase your engagement and wedding photographs! View displays of great ideas and handcraft a few fun projects of your own!

"City Lights Studio, LLC is a modern wedding & portrait photography studio specializing in elegant images with a creative twist and photojournalistic flair, located in the heart of the downtown Buffalo. Owner Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauer specializes in creative photography and specialized customer service. She loves being a part of the love stories of her clients, from the very beginning with beautiful engagement photographs, to glamorous wedding images, right up through maternity, newborn and family photos!" 


 9. Live music by Kevin McCarthy! 


Enjoy the magical sound of singer/songwriter Kevin McCarthy throughout our event!

"With over 12 years of living his dream of being a full-time, professional musician & being inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2009, he feels very blessed to be doing what he loves as his career!"


Don't miss your chance to snag your last-minute tickets! 


View our Facebook Event Page for more information
View our Website to purchase your tickets! Only $15 online, $20 at the door

Monday, January 13, 2014

Handmade Happiness : Upcycled Bottle Ideas We Adore!

Add sparkle, shine & fun to your engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner or reception with these wonderful crafting ideas creatively re-purposing bottles & jars! No matter what your theme, you'll easily find a way to customize these unique, low-cost projects to fit your style! All links go back to Pinterest (oh, Pinterest, how we love you so) where you can see more information on how to create these beauties for yourself!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Win the Ultimate Wedding Gift : Contest with $15,000 in Prizes!!

The Boutique Bridal Party Presents
A Buffalo Love Story : The Ultimate Wedding Gift

Buffalo's Best Wedding Artisans Teaming Up to Provide a Dream Wedding for One Deserving Couple!

Inline image 1

The Boutique Bridal Party, Buffalo’s only indie bridal organization, will hold their annual bridal on February 27th 2014 at the Hotel Lafayette where they will be giving away over $15,000 in prizes towards a dream wedding to a couple in need. The Buffalo community is at the heart of the Boutique Bridal Party, which is why this year the talented vendors participating in the event are donating their time and services to one lucky couple! Everything from the engagement photos to the wedding favors will become a reality for a bride and groom who have been forced to put their dreams on hold.

The Boutique Bridal Party will be accepting submissions from couples that have experienced true hardships that have prevented them from reaching wedded bliss. The top choices will be interviewed and reviewed by a panel for selection to the finals, in which the stories and videos will be posted on The Boutique Bridal Party’s Facebook page. The followers of the Boutique Bridal Party will get to vote on their top story and the winner will be announced live, at the closing of the event in February!!

Simply submit your story, 500 words or less, and 1-3 photographs of yourselves to info@boutiquebridalparty.com by 02.01.14! The top selections will be announced on our Facebook page where voting will take place & the winner will be announced live at our bridal show on 02.27.14!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vendor Spotlight : Bureau Custom Men's Wear

Bureau : Perfectly Suitable for Grooms

Fashionable menswear has been long overdue here in Buffalo. With limited options for guys, the mall has been their only option for finding suitable and stylish clothing. Up until this past year the only thing men could buy if shopping locally were tee-shirts and oh... wait... tee-shirts.

Thanks heavens for Bureau.

Bureau is a made-to-measure brand of menswear with a strong emphasis on a forward fit, luxury fabrics and customization. Men can literally chose anything they want in regards to the style, cut and details. Notched collar with contrast piping? You got it. Double breasted closure with a high break and functional buttons at the sleeve? Of course! You chose from a wide array of gorgeous Italian fabrics along with all of the trimmings and get your very own perfectly fitted piece of style. 

What started as a passion of Mr. Joe Stocker quickly became a real opportunity once combined with Jon Eisenberg and Cameron Rector. These three teamed up with creative mind David Mitchell to design their branding and store front on Elmwood Avenue (which opened this past November). They offer men's suiting's, shirting's and accessories that are distinctive in style and quality. Their selection is perfect for a man looking to spice up his dull wardrobe, or a groom in need of a perfect suit for the big day!

We are, needless to say, overjoyed that these boys are around. The Boutique Bridal Party showcases the most distinctive and high quality business owners in Buffalo, and these boys will make your groom look unparalleled to a yucky rental tux! We can't wait to see their display at the main event in February!

Hey, after all it's his wedding too! Why can't the guy spoil himself ?!

Visit Bureau's Facebook & Website here!

Photo credits: Shawna Stanley

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bridal Inspirations : Winter Wedding Love

We live in Buffalo. We deal with the snow, the cold, the frost, the ice, the dark months where our beautiful summer tans quickly fade away and wearing heels becomes serious work. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to hibernate & call it quits during the winter, but if you're a bold bride, why not embrace this snowy season & get married in a winter wonderland? 

Top 5 Reasons Why Off-Season Weddings Rock
  • Your guests are overloaded with invites during this time! June-August, they are most likely bombarded with wedding plans & a full schedule. Spacing yours out allows them a chance for a fun night out & a beautiful wedding in the middle of an otherwise slow time.
  • You won't be a hot, shiny, sweaty mess! And your groom & his men will certainly thank you for not making them stand outside in August in a three piece suit! Be sure to keep your girls warm with thick tights, lovely shawls, adorable matching mittens & well planned photo locations.
  • You will have unique photos! Unlike all of your friends, your photos will be glamorous, magical & timeless, in a snowy landscape or unique setting. Make sure to book a photographer who will get creative with you! We recommend our member photographers, who are all listed here!
  • Your ceremony & reception can be extra cozy! Think candlelit ceremony, comfortable cocktail hour with hot drinks, warm meals and snuggled-up dancing. Make your guests feel the love by creating an extra-warm and inviting space for them to enjoy during your big day!
  • And the best reason? You can save BIG! Almost all vendors off an off-season discount or booking bonuses for couples who will take a chance in the usually shunned late fall/winter/early spring months. Be sure to ask all your vendors about this before booking!

Here's a few ideas for winter weddings that we LOVE! Be sure to check out more on our Pinterest page!